UPDATE: Starting February 14, 2021, we will start in-person 11 AM Sunday worship. Seats are limited for in-person worship, so if you would like to attend, please contact Deacon John Cho (john.cho@lwmhouston.org) for more information. Worship continues to be available via LIVE-STREAM for those who would like to stay home.

Online Worship Guide

1. Worship time

1) 11:00am Livestream (https://bit.ly/33BAqaY)

2. How to Worship

1) Preparation – Set a time and place for the whole family to focus on worship.

2) Prayer – Before service, pray in preparation for worship.

3) Attitude – Come to God with a clean appearance and attitude. Do not participate in bed and wear clean clothes for worship.

4) Notes – Prepare notes for notetaking during the sermon.

5) Offering – You can now give offering online through Zelle, by using your banking app and inputting the recipient name, “Korean Hanbit Church,” and email, “hanbitoffering@gmail.com.” If you choose to do so, also make sure to fill out the memo as Tithe, Offering, Mission, or Thanksgiving. You can also mail your check made out to “Hanbit” to church at 3929 Colgate St., or keep your offering in your Bibles and bring it to church once we meet back physically.

6) Closing – Please do not leave your seat until worship is completely over with the Lord’s Prayer.